Small Decoration Set - Coastal Fairies Trio

Small Decoration Set - Coastal Fairies Trio


1. Flax Fairy

Flax (Phormium tenax). Called harakeke by the Maori, a native plant to NZ. A tall "herb" with rigid leaves which grow in fans. Firstly used by Maori for weaving cloaks, baskets, fish traps & many other useful tools, including the first ropes and wool packs prior to Nylon. Grows abundantly throughout NZ on lowland swamps or alluvial soils.

2. Frangipani Fairy

Frangipani (Plumeria). Nothing evokes that tropical feeling like the Frangipani flower. The sweet scented petals are often floated in bowls or even a relaxing spa. A favourite flower with New Zealand's large Polynesian communities, many Pacific Islanders use Frangipani to make lei's (flower necklaces).

3. Chathams Fairy

Chathams (Myosotidium hortensia). The Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not has flowers of a beautiful shade of blue which rise about the glossy green leaves. Originating from the remote Chatham Islands, one and a half hours by plane east of the mainland.