Pohutukawa Cuba Vase - Red

Pohutukawa Cuba Vase - Red


Pohutukawa is known as the New Zealand Christmas tree. It flowers a crimson to brilliant-red during December and January each year and is best grown close to the sea or the lake shore lines.

The plastic nature of clay is often lost in the moulded production of pottery.  With the Cuba series I endeavoured to bring a sense of the soft, plastic nature of the clay while making a bold and functional form. 

The Cuba Vase was made spontaneously by manipulating plastic clay.  The clay was rolled out into a thick snake like roll, cut off and stood on end.  My finger prints are still visible where the piece was lifted.  From this core shape I fashioned the Cuba Jug and Cuba lights.

WIDTH: 11.0cm
HEIGHT: 40.0cm
DEPTH: 11.0cm