Pukeko Garden Ceramic

Pukeko Garden Ceramic


This native bird can be found in swampy areas and farmland throughout New Zealand (and also in your garden). The handmade ceramic body and aluminium legs will last for years outdoors.

We have range of different Pukekos to choose from!

  • - Baby Pukeko (9cm tall)
  • - Extra Small Pukeko (7cm tall)
  • - Small Pukeko (9cm tall)
  • - Medium Pukeko (14cm tall)
  • - Large Pukeko (18cm tall)
  • - Extra Large Pukeko (21cm tall)

The Pukeko legs/stand comes separately in a pair. We have 3 sizes

  • - Small (25cm)
  • - Medium (38cm)
  • - Large (48cm)

To use in the garden, insert one leg into the MIDDLE hole and slide up into the neck and the other leg into the FRONT hole. The angle of the leg can be adjusted to suit. To place your ceramic Pukeko safely in the ground, hold by the legs and push gently into soft earth.